Lake Information

Jackpine Lodge

                     on Beautiful Snowbank Lake

                                                                  near  Ely, Minnesota

For your convince we also have a centrally located screened-in fish cleaning house with running water,  lights and deep freezers.

You can fish Snowbank during your entire stay, or you may want to portage to one of the 5 outlying lakes for diversified fishing and a change of scenery. Four of the portage lakes are located within the BWCAW, and are no-motor lakes. Canoes

Snowbank Lake is situated half-in and half-out of the BWCAW, and there are some motor restrictions. Basically, the south half of the lake has unlimited motor size and the north half of the lake has a 25 HP maximum limit.

Click here for a depth map of Snowbank  Lake and other interesting information

Click here for some of the 'catches' from last summer

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Jackpine Lodge
On Beautiful Snowbank Lake
Box 570 Ely, Minnesota 55731

Telephone 218-365-5700


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Snowbank Lake a crystal clear, spring fed glacial lake, covering over 4300 acres, which abounds with Lake Trout, walleyes, Bass and Northern. The south one-fourth of the lake is somewhat shallow, aver

aging 10 to 15 feet deep. The lake gets deeper as you progress north, with the depth varying from 35 to 150 feet. Most fishermen enjoy Snowbank Lake because of its clarity, its depth, temperature, and structure.

If you are a structure fisherman, you will find this lake very interesting, challenging and rewarding!

must be portaged in to fish and traverse these lakes, which contain Walleyes, Northern and Large and Smallmouth Bass. Portages average about a twenty minute walk with your gear.